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Journey with us

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ARISE believes that everyone has a future worth having, and case management is where we come together to work towards the future. This goal-based program meets the participant where they are at to begin setting the path for where they want to be, and how we can journey there together.


LunChurch &
Outreach Coffee

Everyone has a seat at God's table and LunChurch is a time where we bring this to life. Once a month, all members of the ARISE community gather to break bread and join one another in fellowship for a homemade community meal. 

We are always accepting food contributions for our meal-based programs. Check out "Support Us" for more information.


Street Level & 
Virtual Outreach

This where ARISE is known as "The Pretty Bag Ladies." Once a week, ARISE staff and incredible volunteers walk the strolls of Downtown Toronto handing out our famous "pretty bags" and build connections with those working at street-level.

We are always accepting contributions for our pretty bag supplies. Check out "Support Us" for more information.

“I keep going, althougth not knowing how I'll cope. I keep going, showing signs of hope.”

Angel Power

"Better Me Enemy" from The Darkness & The Light

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Self-Defence Program

It is not just about technique. Participants in ARISE's weekly self-defence program gain confidence, strength, and empowerment to increase self-awareness and personal safety. Classes are trauma-informed and accessible for all skills sets and abilities.


Community Engagement

Knowledge is power, and ARISE is available to help all groups get the knowledge they need to help keep their communities safe by engaging audiences around the subject of human trafficking, exploitation, and how ARISE works to be the light in the darkness for survivors.

Paint Colors

Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides an alternative outlet to help process, interpret, express, and resolve emotions and thoughts that can be hard to share through more traditional modes of talk therapy.  Sessions are provided by an experienced art therapist with no cost to participants.

Interested in Journeying with Us?

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